We typically think that lipids are on the standard cholesterol panel: cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-c (good cholesterol), and LDL-c (bad cholesterol). Unfortunately lipids are far more complicated than this. Lipids are compilated enough to have their own medical specialty, Lipidology. It is crucial that we look at the broader lipid picture in order to protect against cardiovascular disease and help your cells, hormones and body function properly.

One recent study at UCLA showed that 50% of the people entering the ER for heart attack and stroke had normal lipid panels (as stated above). We do advanced lipid panels for our patients in order to identify lipid disease early on in the process. This advance panel helps us to find specific conditions that can be caused by genetics, diet, lack of exercise or other factors.

We also ensure that there is enough healthy fat through lab testing. We can improve healthy fat through diet and nutrients. These healthy fats help our brain, nerves, cell membranes and reduce disease causing inflammation.

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