Substance Abuse

There are increasing numbers of people addicted and dependent on opiates. Our clinic has signed a pledge with the Surgeon General of the United States that we will help in the treatment of this disease. We have made an active decision to limit the amount of opiates and addictive medications that we write as prescriptions.

We look at opiate dependence and addiction as diseases that need to be treated by medical professionals. We use buprenorphine tablets, sublingual strips and implants as well as counseling and outpatient programs to assist us with the treatment of these diseases.

At our clinic we have three rules we follow in treatment. First, the patient must be enrolled in an approved outpatient treatment program. Second, the patient must take medication as prescribed and third, the patient must be perfectly honest in their treatment program. We will discuss this in detail during our office visits. We will treat you with respect as you follow your treatment plan.

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