Women's Health

Women’s Health including screenings and management of female-specific conditions are extremely important to us. We handle women’s health issues in a delicate and modest manner. No topic is off limits. We provide a safe and confidential place where women can feel comfortable discussing their concerns with sensitive providers. We offer female providers and medical assistants to aid in the comfort of our patients. However, male providers are available as well.

Just for Women

We offer screening tests including PAP smears, breast exams, pelvic exams, STI testing and pre-marital exams and consultations, as well as pregnancy tests and in-office vaginal swabs. We also provide comprehensive contraception management with options including oral contraceptive pills, we place Implanon contraceptive implants, Nuva Ring, Depo Provera shots, IUD removals (at this time we do not place IUD’s). Here at Bountiful Family HealthCare you can be assured comfort, privacy and quality Women’s Health.

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